What You Need to Know about Micro Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydraulic power packs are used in many applications. What’s most notable about them is their size, as the “micro” part in their name implies. The smallest type of power packs, they are considerably smaller than the standard hydraulic units. They are not used for industrial, marine, or heavy lifting purposes.

The HPU micro pack is a good example of the micro model. It is a compact and lightweight unit designed for either single acting or double acting applications. Created to be flexible and portable, it is employed to power double acting hydraulic functions without necessitating solenoid control valves.

How they work

The main mechanism for the double acting hydraulic function of micro power packs involves the simple reversing of the motor to facilitate the movement of the double acting hydraulic cylinder. They have built-in pilot check valves that make it possible to do load holding without leaks. They are also equipped with dual pressure relief valves that provide segregated control in each direction, as well as dual pilot check valves that stop induced pressure and noises whenever the cylinder flow goes back to the tank. The system may also include a motor spool controller, manual overrides, and valves for noise suppression.

For the single acting hydraulic circuit, there is a pair of check and solenoid valves that hold the cylinder load up. The system also has a durable hardened steel check valve insert, which is integrated to minimise leakage and ensure the best possible load holding.

Technical specifications

Typical micro power packs are equipped with 12V or 24V DC motors with power ratings ranging from 150 watts to 800 watts. There are also AC power packs with fractional horsepower motors rated at 150W and 250W. The pump sizes used in these power packs are from 0.17cc to 1.48cc. On the other hand, the tanks used with them have capacities ranging from 0.1 litres to 1 litre.

A well developed micro power pack is small but incredibly powerful. It is capable of exerting pressure as high as 200 bar. They should also be well-protected from the elements to make sure that they provide a long service life. Some high-quality micro power packs come with a 90-micron filter component to ensure durability.


As stated earlier, micro hydraulic power packs are designed for small-scale applications. They facilitate mobility as they are used in wheelchairs as well as in-vehicle lifts. They can also be integrated with floor lifts. Additionally, they serve as components for access control implements. They are used in door and gate opening actuators.

Micro power packs are available in at least three variants on the market. These are the unidirectional units, the ERA actuator kits, and the reversible models. The unidirectional power packs are usually used for chair and floor lifts, clutches, brakes, and clamping. The actuator kits are intended for complete actuator manufacturing. The reversible unit is designed for double acting actuators and come with integrated pilot check valves.

Thinking of buying a micro power pack? Be sure that you are well-acquainted with the features and applications. If you are unfamiliar with them, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the seller or from those who have tried using them.

Image: Pixabay.com