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How to Shop for Souvenirs from Israel to Bring Back Home

When you are shopping for souvenirs while traveling, it can be bothersome. You do not want to jump at the first thing you see because the prices could be lower at another store. You do not want to shop while touring because of the weight you end up carrying for the rest of the day. Even purchasing snacks should be timed to ensure that they do not spoil. In the mad dash to get something at the end of your trip, you might have a couple of regrets.

So, during your idle time like the plane ride or breaks during your trip, plan your approach:

Have a fixed list of people you plan to buy for

Knowing who you are shopping for can streamline the decision-making process. It makes the gift thoughtful and insightful. When you are traveling as a group, like a family, divide the list among the other members who are then accountable for the souvenir purchase. Make sure the people you assign know the taste and lifestyle of the recipient. This way there are no repeated gifts meant for one person, and each trinket is personalized.

Shortlist items that they might like


Everyone has a favorite novelty item: magnets, keychains, mugs, or t-shirts are examples of things you can find in popular tourist sites. Try to keep your purchases to objects you know they will use. You could also make purchases with their collections in mind. Foreign currency, old coins, postage stamp, old posters, or pottery are examples of collectible items. However, be careful when purchasing them and try to double-check their authenticity.

Have a ceiling price

While you are souvenir shopping, you do not want to go overboard with everything that looks cute or nice. A way to limit your shopping is by having a budget. You can go about it by category: t-shirt, keychain, etc. Or you can make divisions per person, so one person can receive many small souvenirs.

Store it properly

When looking for vacation rentals in Israel, search for rooms that can accommodate your group and your group’s purchases. Tel Aviv rentals and Jerusalem vacation rentals,  from can be very spacious with a refrigerator in the kitchen for your perishable items. When you have the right space to store your souvenirs, you do not have to hold back on purchasing food or bulky items. As much as you want to go back for things you’ve seen, you might not always get a chance.

Plan alternative souvenirs

Not everyone will appreciate a novelty item. Not everyone can have a growing collection. So, what do you get for those people? You can send a postcard, while not the most expensive gift it is a nice sentiment since people rarely snail mail nowadays. You can also take photographs of things they might like, editorial style, and print them when you get back home. You can frame the photos for their office or home. If you want to give something substantial, you can comb through the local books. Poetry, children’s literature (for the kids), and non-fiction are genres which offer an inside look at the county’s history and culture.

Souvenir shopping does not have to be an obligation you rush through. You are bringing a piece of a country back home; make it memorable.