Setting up your own brand is an exciting enterprise. How many of you are aware of the specifics of setting it all up? Most people concentrate on the superficial aspect of having their own internet brand. This is okay, to a certain extent. The main focus should be over some of the more mundane details. It’s these mundane details that are going to make it work for you.

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What are some of the mundane details that need to have your focus?

1) The primary thing you need to remember is that content is going to be your main focus. Your other main focus should be your message. Remember, you are going to competing against others for the same thing. You need to make your words count. This means paying attention to some of the following:

   a) Get rid of the fluff. Over-stuffing your content is not going to help you out. Keep it as simple as you can. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Would you get turned off by seeing something on a page? If the answer is yes, get rid of it.

   b) Do not get bogged down in a story. The idea is to sell the product and message, not yourself. You will be coming along with the package. Do not make it all about you. Keep the message clear and concise. If you can get away with only having a few sentences, than do so.

2) Pop-ups are not going to be your friend. I am sorry to say this. There are lots of sites that like to add in those pop-ups as an incentive. Personally, I find them irritating. When I come across the pop-ups on a site, I exit out. I do not like them. Now they might work for you. If they do work for you, then this is great. My suggestion is that you keep it all to a bare minimum. If you are going to use pop-ups, only do about two or three. Keep them spread out too.

3) Think about what you are looking to say. Think about what you want to say. Sometimes what we want to say is not always possible. Sometimes we have to settle for an alternative. If this is your situation, try to make your message sound as close to the original interpretation as possible. Do a once-over before you post your message live. Do not add to any confusion. Make sure your audience correctly interprets your point, be it the original or an alternative.


Focus on your target audience. Growing your business is important. That will come in time. Look at who you are speaking to and focus on that group. Do not mince your words either. Stay true to who you are. Your target audience will know if you are not being honest. Allow room for mistakes and growth. Do not rush anything. I learned that a long time ago. Sometimes you have to start out small and stay this way for a few years, before someone takes notice of you.